Image of Toro


$40.00 — Sold out

This Toro looks like he's hungry!

Each deck is now made with real authentic heat transfer graphics to provide a realistic wear to the deck and bring fingerboards one step closer to skateboards. Every deck is made with the best materials in order to produce a high-quality fingerboard.

Urban Mold
- 33mm x 96mm
- 34mm x 96mm

Rural Mold
- 33mm x 96mm
- 34mm x 96mm

Each deck includes:
- 1 Kalye foam griptape

Please allow 3-5 business days for orders to ship

Image of Toro Image of Toro Image of Toro
Image of "Fisherman" Catfishbbq x Kalye
"Fisherman" Catfishbbq x Kalye
$40.00 — Sold out
Image of Sad Face Emboss
Sad Face Emboss
$45.00 — Sold out
Image of Graffiti Emboss
Graffiti Emboss
Image of Og Logo
Og Logo
$40.00 — Sold out
Image of Baker!
$40.00 — Sold out
Image of Shop Decks
Shop Decks
$35.00 — Sold out
Image of Travel
$40.00 — Sold out
Image of Kalye Airlines
Kalye Airlines
$40.00 — Sold out
Image of Labor
$40.00 — Sold out
Image of Mythical Creature
Mythical Creature
$40.00 — Sold out
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