This Is Us!

Kalye Decks are miniature skateboards handcrafted in Oceanside California by Jude Lugtu and Christian Gonzales. It is inspired by the Philippine culture. "Kalye" or street in english, inspired us because of how the street culture influenced us growing up. Kalye Decks are fingerboards that will perform adequately and teach you a thing or two about the Philippine street culture. 

I will keep what I said 6 years ago, what I said above was the first mission statement I wrote when we started Kalye. When we started this fingerboard brand, I know I wanted to represent my country. I grew up in the Philippines. We were brainstorming names one night and I know I wanted the name to be in tagalog (Most common Philippine language). We landed on Kalye! I was worried that not a lot of people would like a cultural heavy fingerboard brand, I simply did not care enough to worry about it much longer. I grew up in the streets of the Philippines, skateboarding, roaming around the city at a young age. I am heavily influenced by the culture back home. With Kalye, I wanted to take the opporunity and share my childhood and share what I grew up with. Sometimes there are no context to what I make and I do that on purpose. Most of the art directions are influenced by my childhood and some are inspired by what I'm into today. It will never lose it's original purpose!